We offer unique San Fermin experiences for couples, families and friends that include balcony events, mind-blowing cultural encounters, gastronomic surprises and the nitty gritty, like purchasing tickets for the taurine events, like the bullfight or other entertainment venues like the pelota match.

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¡FIESTA! is a new form of storytelling that blends writing with interactive elements like maps, infographics, photography, VR and video clips to create an immersive environment. Imagine the best of new journalistic traditions as pioneered by the New York Times and the Washington Post applied to a documentary project. Through this ground-breaking technique we will tell the whole story of the Fiesta de San Fermín.


The city of Pamplona has been hosting this summer fiesta for hundreds of years, and for everyone, fiesta is one of the greatest parties in the world, but for the locals it’s also about tradition, culture and religion. Whole families, including abuelos and niños in strollers, spend their days enjoying the festivities. This documentary aims at giving the complete version of our beloved San Fermin.

"San Fermin can be experienced in many ways since it is open to everyone. Knowing the fiesta in its most varied dimension is my main goal. "

Stephanie Mutsaerts owner of Heart of Pamplona and Northern Spain Travel