Per Person From: 200€ / person

Date: July 7-14
Departure: 8:40 AM
Return: 11:00 AM


Traditional breakfast in the street
Private concert & dance
Discover SF walking tour
Meet a Pro Runner

We personalized to your needs for private visits

Discover a Morning of Fiesta

Celebrating San Fermin as a local makes all the difference. Get a better understanding of what to expect, what to do and where to go...and when. Discover the secret nooks and rites of passage or find out why, where and when we drink or eat a particular food. Although many events are in the program, there are almost as many unofficial community events that have been organized by the community throughout the ages - find out where the marching band stops long enough for us to have a vermut, discover that special location for a particular gastronomic delight. Find out how and where to run with the bulls. Every day of San Fermin has different events; both official and unofficial, so getting orientation depending on your likes and interests will serve you well. Put on your walking shoes and get ready to be spellbound by some of the highlights of Pamplona in fiestas.

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