Date: July 8-14
Departure: 17:30 PM
Return: 20:30 PM


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The San Fermin Bullfights & Taurine Events

The bullfight in San Fermin is unlike any spectacle you are likely to see elsewhere in the world and is far from traditional. San Fermin Taurine events come in three different categories. You have the classic bullfight with the torero on foot fighting a bull that is over 500 kilos, but can reach 700 kilos, then there is La Novillada which is a bullfight where the bullfighters are young and bulls are younger and over 400 kilos, then there is the Rejoneo held on the 6th of July, where the bullfighter is on horseback fighting bulls over 500 kilos and finally, there is the non-violent performance called La Vascolandesa where young experts called Recortadores risk their lives to give us a spectacular show of agility and bravery as they confront one of the most dangerous animals alive. Even though the bulls are very fast, the men manage to avoid being tangled in the bull’s horns and under the hooves. This event is about acrobatics, not about challenging the bull in a duel to the death, which makes it appropriate for children of all ages. If you like the idea of attending an event in the bullring but prefer not to watch a bullfight, this last option is a great option.

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