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Dates: July 6-7


Opening Ceremony 4 Story Venue
Running of the Bulls Balcony Event

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San Fermin Essentials

Our Mission is to bring together the best experiences and select those that reflect the true essence of Pamplona’s greatest festival of all - San Fermín. This package offers the essentials of San Fermín for the beginning days of the festival, including our Chupinazo opening ceremony brunch event on 4th level venue and a second event to watch the Running of the Bulls from low to middle level balconies with spectacular views of the bull run course. Begin San Fermin right with our welcome gift - an NST white shirt, red bandana (pañuelo) and take-home souvenir.


Opening Ceremony 4th Story Venue 09:30 - 13:00
Spectacular balconies
Buffet breakfast
Professional photo shoot
Running of the Bulls Balcony Event 06:30 - 08:30
Spectacular balconies: Low to middle levels
Chaperon to your balcony


Running of the Bulls Balcony Event

Dangerous below, safe above, without missing any of the action. You are close enough to hear the clattering of the bulls’ hooves as they charge up the cobblestone streets of the old town. You are literally meters away. Join us in one of our spectacular locations to share the anticipation of the rocket blast, sense the tension building, feel the ground tremble…experience the run with enthusiasm and let this bucket-list-wish come true.These events always include breakfast and a guided chaperone from our meeting point to your balcony.

Running of the Bulls for Kids - El Toro de Fuego

This region is notorious for its extraordinary community events where the protagonists are the kids. One of these events is El Toro de Fuego which is where you run for your life (just joking) from a metal bull with human legs. The structure is laden with fireworks that fizz off while the bearer runs around trying to scare everyone. It is a lot of fun, especially for kids, and young teenagers. Honestly, you can literally get burned which is basically why everyone runs!!

What are the Peñas de San Fermín?

A Peña is one the the pivotal parts of San Fermin and you simply need to know what it is. A peña is a private club made up of a group of friends and members who share a common love for San Fermin. Created as a private society, it prepares for San Fermin throughout the year in their social club called La Peña where members enjoy what they do best; have fun! The society is almost entirely based on gastronomy, getting together with friends and family in the social club for lunch or dinner, celebrating what is called La Escalera - which is once a month beginning on the 1st of January, then the 2nd of February, the 3rd of March, the 4th of April, the 5th of May, 6th of June and the best and most important day of all - July 7th San Fermín!! The Peñas live San Fermín intensely with an agenda that begins in the morning of the 6th and ends on the 14th of July at 12am with the farewell songs that close the festival with songs like El Pobre de Mí. The Peñas make public socio-political statements with their annual banners that are called Pancartas, which are comic design on a large white sheet-like material and held up by two poles. Each peña dedicates a part of its day parading the historic quarter swaying their Pancartas for everyone to read. Peñas are a crucial part of the bullfighting events in the bullring as each and the music from their bands animates the street ambiance, providing non-stop diversion throughout the fiestas.

How many peñas are there in San Fermín?

There are 17 Peñas in Pamplona and they are the heart and soul of the music and gaity in the streets. The first Peñas were founded in the mid 19th century, when groups of friends would get together to go to the bullring and enjoy the fiestas. Those first Peñas, with names such as El Trueno, La Ochena, La Cuatrena and El Llavín, walked through the streets showing simple banners with cartoons and greetings to the few outsiders present at the fiestas, just like today. Also, they had their entourage of musicians, like today. Back then they were a few musicians of the Dulzaina, which is a Spanish double reed instrument, and the Txistu, the Spanish flute and guitar were the encouragement behind the tradition of the present-day bands, filling the streets with music and out of this world catchy traditional tunes that you do not even need to know the words to enjoy and even hum to. We can wrap up the definition of Peñas in gaiety, enthusiasm and fun.

What is a Txaranga?

Txarangas are small bands made up of metal wind instruments and drums which play popular San Fermin songs that we all know and love. Every Peña has its own Txaranga. In most cases the Peña hires a band for the festival and makes the txaranga part and parcel of the moveable San Fermin fiesta. You are likely to find these bands all over the old quarter with their Peñas all day and all night!!

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