Per Person From: 2150€ + tax BASED ON DOUBLE OCCUPANCY

Dates: July 6-7-8-9-10


Running of the Bulls Balcony Event
Morning Gastro Tour or Mid-morning Gastro Tour
Fireworks cocktail dinner party or Bullfight
Adventure to the Basque lands

We personalized to your needs for private visits

San Fermin Premium

This is yet another adventure with Northern Spain Travel - experts in sophisticated travels for intrepid travellers. Ideal for families and friends who are looking for much more than just San Fermin, this package features 3 nights and 4 days of fabulous San Fermin experiences, plus a chance to experience Navarre and Basque lands, with fabulous highlights like participate in a village festival, mingle with the endearing people of the north, enjoy their exquisite regional gastronomy, swim in the Atlantic ocean and enjoy a spa session and eat out in the seaside city of San Sebastian. We also offer you the option of spending 1 of the 3 nights in San Sebastian.
Get ready for 3 fabulous San Fermin experiences. The San Fermin events we include are access to our best locations to watch the Running of the Bulls, followed by a gastro morning taking us into all sorts of private venues and San Fermin hotspots. Get ready for an afternoon at the bullring with premium locations to watch the bullfight, or if that is not your preference, then you can opt for our VIP fireworks cocktail dinner party.
A new day, and a new adventure for our San Fermin Premium guests; we leave Pamplona for the day, but we will be back for the evening fireworks. Please see our Adventure to the Basque Lands which is described in detail early in the catalogue. Begin a San Fermin right with our welcome gift - an NST white shirt, red bandana (pañuelo) and take-home souvenir.


Accommodation 3 Nights - 4 Days
Four star Hotel Accommodation Pamplona
Opcional one night in San Sebastián in a top Hotel
Running of the Bulls Balcony Event 06:30 - 08:30
Spectacular balconies: Low to middle levels
Chaperon to your balcony
Morning Gastro Tour 08:30 - 11:00 or Mid-morning Gastro Tour 11:30 - 13:30
Traditions & Music Promenade
Visit a Peña - a private gastronomic society
A traditional beverage
A pintxo + drink in the oldest bar in the city
A visit to San Fermin in the Chapel
Fireworks cocktail dinner party 21:30 - 01:30
Bird’s eye view terrace
Navarre Tapas and pintxos
Drinks and Cocktail
Dance the night away with DJ and dance
Bullfight 18:00 - 21:00
Self-guided Bullfight Tickets
Adventure to the Basque Coast 09:00 - 21:30
Guide + Transportation
Visit to Baztan ‘the other San Fermin’ + Guided experience in the Lesaka festival + Gastro Experience
Sit down lunch in San Sebastian
Luxury Spa and beach Session
Gastro dinner in San Sebastian 3 pintxos and 3 drinks

Adventure to the Basque Lands

We are off to a corner of Northern Spain in the heart and soul of the Basque culture. Get ready for a day of Basque folklore, rolling green hills and exquisite seafood. We leave Pamplona, to discover another version of the San Fermin festival. Here is a little secret for you; there are two San Fermin festivals going on at the same time. We are going to experience the other version, the version few know and you will absolutely love, full of Basque folklore, music and gaiety village style. We visit one of the most picturesque villages of the Baztán Valley. Our local Basque guide takes you on a walking tour into this region’s deep traditions and immerse you in the fun traditions that are still alive today. Starting with the Danborrada Txiki, where if you bring your children, they will fit right into the festival and play their little drums with the rest of the children in the village - a tradition that goes back to ancestral times and to the protests during the Napoleonic wars. Enjoy a pintxo and Navarra wine in a traditional tavern, among drums and txistus.
We drive coastward-bound to San Sebastian for lunch. Visit the historical center of San Sebastian, famous gastronomic destination where you will enjoy a menu in the historic center. We leave the afternoon for snoozing on the soft sand of the Concha in San Sebastian, along with a spa session, and a swim in the Atlantic Ocean. Our spa session is at the foot of the beach, so that you can slip out of the spa to enjoy the beach, waves and sunshine to then return to resume the services of the Spa. Lastly, an early dinner pintxo excursion into the heart of the historic quarter of San Sebastián, a must-see in this famous gastronomic city. Return to Pamplona in time to enjoy the San Fermín fireworks!
Take a break from San Fermin with one of the most spectacular urban landscapes in Spain, and its fine sand; the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable beach day in northern Spain.


The Procession

The procession of San Fermin is a once a year event that takes place on the morning of the 7th of July. It is one of the most important events of San Fermin and can be considered the highlight of the 7th of July. It is a religious parade that includes, of course, the San Fermin statue that leaves the Cathedral of Pamplona and is paraded through the historic quarter to its final destination the Capilla de San Fermin which is a chapel within the San Lorenzo Church. The streets are packed on both sides as the figure of the Saint Fermin is affectionately paraded through the streets followed by the giants, guilds, Jota singers, regional dancers and the authorities, in a procession full of popular enthusiasm. The parade offers music by the official band of Pamplona called La Pamplonesa, the chance to see different political and religious figures, like the bishop of Pamplona and the mayor of the city. We have Basque dancers, and Navarre singers.

Gigantes y Cabezudos

Over the years, the Parade of Giants and mythical man-like figures come to life in San Fermin, and each and every one of these figures has a name, and are treated like super heros. These characters are dearly loved by the kids and parents of Pamplona. Keep your eyes out to view the four pairs of Gigantes symbolic of four kings and queens of every continent, escorted by the Cabezudos, which can be translated into something like bigheads, because that is what they have, very big heads! And then there are the Kilikis, represented by the local authorities, and the Zaldikos, which means “horse” in the Basque language and are half man- half horse figures. Be aware, the Kilikis and the Zaldikos are out to hit you with their sponge swatting bats. Kids are their main objective, but they might go for you too!!

Las Dianas

In San Fermin, our day begins differently and if you have been up all night or if you wake up very early in the morning, you will get a chance to enjoy Las Dianas. Our day starts at 6.45 am with the most beloved marching band of Pamplona, “La Pamplonesa” the municipal band marches through the streets of the historic quarter, playing the familiar songs to wake-up the local inhabitants. La Pamplonesa bring us traditional San Fermín songs that mark the change from night to day. Other participants to the early morning events include the peña bands, groups of Basque wind instruments like the Txistu (a Basque flute). This tradition is over one hundred year old when the "El Eco de Navarra" newspaper suggested the idea, with the objective of awakening the city's inhabitants an hour before the bull running.

Basque Sports Competitions

This region is proud of its rural sports called Herri Kirolak. San Fermin offers a fantastic opportunity to view the multiple rural sports in competition and exhibitions by the experts all in one place. These sports include axe log chopping and sawing, chainsaw abilities, weight lifting (with stones), relay races with country materials, tug-a-war, among others.

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