Per Person From: $870,00 - $1277,00

Dates: July 8-9-10-11-12-13-14


Accommodation 1 night
Bull Run Balcony
Discover SF walking tour

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Get a Taste of San Fermin

This package offers you the opportunity to take part in our vibrant festival and experience the intensity of San Fermin in a 1 night / 2 day package which includes one night of accommodation in the center, in 3 to 4 star hotels and two San Fermin events; a bullfight and the Running of the Bulls balcony. Watch the Running of the Bulls from the first to middle level balconies with spectacular views of the route and the afternoon bullfight. Our welcome gift NST awaits you! An elegant white shirt, red scarf and take-home souvenir.Arrival: July 8-13. Departure: 9-14


Accommodation is located in the most beautiful areas of the historic quarter in the heart of the city, where you are five minutes walking distance to the main square. All of the hotel accommodations we include in our packages are charming, high standard, 3 to 4 star hotels.

Running of the Bulls Balcony

Dangerous below, safe above, without missing any of the action. You are close enough to hear the clattering of the bulls’ hooves as they charge up the cobblestone streets of the old town. You are literally meters away. Join us in one of our spectacular locations to share the anticipation of the rocket blast, sense the tension building, feel the ground tremble…experience the run with enthusiasm and let this bucket-list-wish come true.These events always include breakfast and a guided chaperone from our meeting point to your balcony.


Spectacular balconies on 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors
Chaperon to your balcony

The San Fermin Bullfights

The bullfight in San Fermin is unlike any spectacle you are likely to see elsewhere in the world and is far from a traditional bullfight where the audience watches the drama with intensity. San Fermin Taurine events offered in this package can be booked for the 6th or 7th of July. They are different taurine experiences:
The bullfight on Horse is on the 6th: In the Rejoneo bullfight the bullfighters are on horseback fighting bulls weighing over 500 kilos.
The Classic Bullfight is on the 7th: This is the classic bullfight with the torero on foot fighting a bull that weighs from 500 kilos to as much as 700 kilos.
Tickets: Not too far and not too close - the tickets are in the middle zone in the shade.
Bullfight Tickets

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